Ideas for Decorating Your Car and Truck with LED Light Strip Kits

Customizing the exterior and interior of your car or truck is possible with the use of LED light strip kits. This practice has become popular with most vehicle owners who are looking for an unique look and some measures of safety. For these purposes, there are several ideas that you can apply to decorate your motor vehicle, using LED lights of various colors and come in kits, with all the things essential for easy installation. Here are some of those ideas:

For car/truck exterior:

Led wheel lights - will light up the car tire and wheel, when the vehicle is put in motion. They will show off your fashionably modern rim and will also create a customized look for your car. You place them on the fender wheel well, concealed from sight.

Door handle lights - give a fun and unique look to the car/truck handles. Simply add one or a couple of mini LED lights underneath the grip. These lights come in many colour options including orange, green, purple or red.

LED underglow - will radiate your vehicle’s underbody. While not as bright as neon lights, LED lights provide more options to light up the bottom of your car, including wireless models that are remotely controlled.

Headlights and Taillights - can be changed from their standard colours of white, orange or red, if you so desire. LED light kits can be purchased that will transform the color of head and tail lights to those that has a more pleasing colour appearance or a beam of light that shines brightly. You choose a kit that is in accordance with the make of your car, as not all head and taillights are the same.

For car/truck interiors:

Pedal LED lights - are cool add-ons for your car and they can also provide illumination to a dark area. The colour of the lights can be light blue or silver, making the driver certain that the right pedal is pressed.

Trunk LED lights - will shine brighter than the light, that your car comes with on purchase, when you lift the car trunk to open. LED lights for your vehicle trunk are not expensive and you can choose from the many types, all of which can be easily hooked up to the wiring that already exists.

Dashboard LED Lights - will enhance the brightness of the gauges and dials in the dashboard, as the existing lights are usually dim and have a short life. When you are driving at night and you fail to see how fast you are going or how much fuel you have left, you might find yourself in a dangerous situation. Switching to LED will increase safety.

Reading Lights - are very important if you are going on a long trip and you don’t want any of your passengers to get bored. A LED reading light that you can attach to the vehicle’s dashboard is an ideal solution to this problem. Unlike the built-in reading lights, LED does not increase the glare on the driver.