Top 4 places to add lights to your motorbike

Riding a motor-bike in the day-time may be tedious, due to traffic jams and the crowd around. But night riding is risky, as at some secluded places there might be lack of sufficient light, fear of anti-social elements, due to low visibility risk of accidents etc.

There are different kinds of spotlights and they are broadly divided into 4 broad categories. Driving lights, fog lights, floodlights and long-range lights. The first two are important to be installed on your motorbike, for your own safety as well as of your family’s. As we all know that life is precious and we need to value it. You need to save yourself from every possible danger, which can be avoided and in this case you can do it be installing fog lights and driving lights at the right places on your motorbike. Riders taking part in motorbike races use the floodlights and long-range lights. Riding a motorbike is risky in itself, as it’s comparatively much smaller as compared to a 4-wheeler. Increasing the risk by not installing the first two category of lights will be a foolish act on your part. Driving lights and fog lights should be installed and that too at the right places.

One of the most important lights from the above list is the fog light. Fog lights should always be installed in the front of the bike. It’s very important to install them, as in case of a fog, without fog lights you are definitely sure to fall in trouble, so don’t try to save money by not installing it. Having a care-free attitude in matters related to safety with regards to your life, as well as your family’s is not a wise thing.

The benefit of installing the fog light in front of your motorbike is that it lights up the road under hostile weather conditions, particularly when fog, rain, dust or snow brings down your visibility to a negligible level. You will find it a lifesaver and you’ll thank your stars for installing it. You must have thought it over a thousand times, whether spending this money is worth it or not? But now you can’t help patting your shoulder enough for doing it.

The next tip for installing a light on your motorbike is that it should be installed as high and far forward, as much as possible. The advantage of height is that it lets light to work to its maximum utilization and installing it at your eye level, somewhat where your ears are, will not let distracting reflections to hit your eye. Some people might not agree, as they do not like the light so close to their eyes, hence nowadays there are provisions available to hang lights anywhere from the handlebar to the fork tube. So finally it’s upto you to decide where you find the lights comfortable as well as advantageous, if near your eyes is obstructing your vision, you should definitely find another suitable location to place the light, on your motorbike.