Where is the best place to mount the LED light strips?

You want to make sure that the light strips are mounted away from any moving parts and heated areas. If the light strip becomes damaged, it will void the warranty.

Are the light kits waterproof?

The Strips are waterproof, but you want to keep the control box as dry as possible. Exposing the control box to moisture over a long period of time will result in malfunctioning and possibly failure.

Can I add more strips/pods to my existing kit?

Yes, we offer add on kits for almost every one of our motorcycle kits. The box can support up to 50 strips / pods.

What colors are legal?

The laws and rules regarding automotive LED lighting vary from state to state. Please check with your local municipality about the laws in your area.

What should I use to prepare the surface of my motorcycle?

We recommend and offer a cleaning prep agent called 3M Adhesion Promoter. It is a single use sponge applicator that will remove dirt and oils that will not allow the double sided tape to adhere. The 3M Adhesion Promoter also allows for a chemical bond with the glue on the double sided tape, creating a secure bond. If you don't have the 3M Adhesion Promoter, we recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the motorcycle's surface.

Can the strips be shortened?

You can cut the strips every 3 LEDs on the copper line. There is a mark indicating the correct location to cut. (Cutting Strips will void Warranty)

Where is the kit powered from?

The control box can be hooked to any 12 volt source and a ground source. You can use the motorcycle's battery or fuse box for power and a clean bare metal area for a good ground source.

Will the light strips affect the motorcycle's battery?

LED lights draw very low milliamps. As long as the battery is holding a solid state of charge, there should be no issue.

What does the light kit draw when it's turned off?

The LED light kit draws 0.075 amps or 75 milliamps.

Can the strips melt from overheating?

The strips can melt from overheating if the strip itself falls off the application due to improper installation or if the strip is too close to the muffler or any heat source. I would suggest placing the strip at least 4-6 inches away from a direct heat source and use wire ties when and where available.

What is the best way to hide the wiring?

Your best bet is to run the wiring through the frame rails or where you have the best location to run and hide the wiring. A lot of times you can run wires along the factory wire harness and use zip ties to mount the wiring in place.

What if the light strip wires are too short?

The wires are not intended to be cut because it will void your warranty. If the wires do have to be extended, you can use standard 18-20 gauge automotive wiring, but this is to be done at your own risk.

Can I use the light strips as turn signals?

The light strips cannot be used as turn signals. Each strip plugs into one main power harness and the strips will all be powered once the kit is turned on. 

Can I ride with flashing patterns on?

You should contact your local municipal to see what the rules and regulations are regarding riding with LED lights on.